In Kamchatka, the richest deputy earned almost two billion rubles

Representative of the “United Russia” Igor Evtushok became the leader in terms of revenues among the deputies of the legislative assembly of the Kamchatka Territory, for 2016 he declared 1 billion 898 million rubles ($33 719 868). Evtushka’s wife earned nearly 78 million rubles ($1 385 748) last year.

Information on incomes and property of deputies and members of their families is published on the official website of the regional parliament.
In addition, the richest people’s choice of Kamchatka owns two apartments, a plot of land and three cars.

On the second place on the total income was also the representative of the “United Russia” Igor Redkin. For a year he earned 166 million 951 thousand rubles ($ 2 966 051). The deputy owns two houses, six plots of land, five representative cars and a Mi-172 helicopter.

In third place in terms of income was another representative of the party “United Russia”, newcomer to the political arena Evgeny Novosyolov. In 2016, he declared almost 114 million rubles ($ 2 025 324). The people’s choice is the owner of two apartments, a land plot, two cars, a snowmobile, a motor boat and a trailer.

The most “poor” in terms of declared income was a deputy from the “Fair Russia” Mikhail Puchkovsky with an income of 252 thousand rubles ($ 4 477). At the same time, he owns two plots of land and three cars, two of which are domestically produced.

Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Kamchatka Territory Valery Raenko earned 7.6 million rubles ($ 135 021) in 2016. The property of the Speaker of the Regional Parliament includes an apartment, a plot of land, a summer house, outbuildings and a garage.

Original: На Камчатке самый богатый депутат заработал почти два миллиарда рублей

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Most popular Russian comments:

Author: 99gip.
Earned 2 billion ?? And still at large ??

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Most popular Russian comments:

Author: Sergey Astakhov
Interestingly, this Evtushok became a deputy, because the billionaire, or billionaire – because the deputy?