Kyrgyz citizen who was injured during the attack on the FSB in Khabarovsk has been medical help

Two operations were conducted by a wounded man during an attack on the FSB in Khabarovsk, his condition is stable, told RIA Novosti head doctor of the First Regional Clinical Hospital Sergei Pudovikov.

An officer of the FSB and one visitor were killed in an attack on the reception of the regional intelligence office on April 21, another person was injured. As reported by the FSB, the attacker was destroyed, he was a local resident, who, according to some reports, belonged to a neo-Nazi group. Before the attack, he stole a rifle club and two pistols and killed an instructor.

“On Saturday night, the patient underwent a second operation – he was diagnosed with a concussion of the intestine.The condition is heavy but stable, the patient is conscious, talking.” While he is under constant surveillance in the intensive care unit, the issue of transferring him to a regular ward will be decided tomorrow, ” The interlocutor.

Original: Раненного при атаке на ФСБ в Хабаровске киргизстанца прооперировали

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