Physics of Moscow State University created a unique source of gamma quanta

Employees of the Scientific Research Institute of Nuclear Physics named after D.V. Skobeltsyn University of Moscow State University named M. V. Lomonosov have developed a source of monoenergetic gamma quanta – high-energy photons.

The essence of the work is the creation of a completely new and unique source of monoenergetic gamma quanta of high enough energies, providing it with new original detecting facilities and developing proposals for a photonuclear research program focused on the use of these characteristics”, said a member of the research group, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics Sciences Vladimir Varlamov.

The new source is a device that uses the effect of reverse Compton scattering accelerated to relativistic energies (0.3-0.7 gigaelectronvolts) of electrons on a beam of a powerful 10 PW laser. The gamma quanta produced by the interaction of electrons with a laser beam will have an unprecedentedly high intensity and a very good energy resolution.

“The creation of such a source of monoenergetic gamma quanta will make it possible to carry out studies on a qualitatively new level that have been conducted so far on beams of bremsstrahlung gamma radiation or quasi-monoenergetic photons and solve a number of problems of systematic discrepancies in the results of different experiments. This is a very urgent problem, since the discrepancies are large enough, and photonuclear data are widely in demand both in basic research and in various practical applications”, the scientist says.

Priority studies are proposed in such areas as nuclear spectroscopy, nuclear resonance fluorescence, and multiple-nucleon photonuclear reactions.

The work was carried out in cooperation with researchers from the National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Technology named after H. Hulubeya (Romania), the University of Tokyo and the University of Milan.

About their work, scientists described in an article that was published in the journal Physics of Particles and Nuclei. 

Original: Физики МГУ создали уникальный источник гамма-квантов

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