Aid is rendered for Marshal Yazov in intensive-care of a military hospital

Last Minister of Defense of the USSR Marshal of the Soviet Union Dmitry Yazov is in the intensive care unit of the Moscow Central Military Clinical Hospital named after P.V. Mandryka.

As RIA Novosti reports, the state of health of the last Minister of Defense of the USSR is improving.

The 92-year-old Marshal is in the intensive care unit. He was hospitalized for acute cerebrovascular accident.

The only living Marshal of the Soviet Union, doctors plan to transfer in the near future from the intensive care unit to the ward, where he will be able to receive visitors.

Dmitry Yazov was born on November 8, 1924 in the village of Yazovo, Omsk province (now the village of Yazovo, Okoneshnikovsky district, Omsk region). Member of the Great Patriotic War, fought since August 1942 on the Volkhov and Leningrad fronts in the posts of the commander of the infantry platoon and the rifle company. He was shot twice in the battle, in the leg, and in the head.

He is the last of the commanders, who was awarded the military rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union (1990). Headed the Armed Forces of the USSR (1987-1991).

Original: Маршалу Язову оказывают помощь в реанимации военного госпиталя

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