Strike on the house in Mosul: americans took civilians for militants

Washington’s version of the reasons for the air strike on the residential building in Mosul is bursting at the seams. It turned out that there were no militants in the house, which the coalition forces struck on March 17.

The “Associated Press” agency managed to communicate with one of the two survivors after the shelling. He said that in the building there were only civilians, no terrorists.

Earlier, the Pentagon stated that, according to their intelligence data, the militants were there. Now, when it turned out that this is not true, the data of American intelligence officers have changed: Allegedly Islamists drove people into the house, mined it and thus caused an air strike. But this version is not glued. Eyewitnesses said that in Western Mosul strikes on civilian buildings is applied constantly, the TV channel “Russia 24” reported.

In addition, the US military said that they are now checking the data on one more case of the death of civilians as a result of the air strike in Mosul. This time they hit the school. Killed 81 people, 18 of them are children. According to the press, people were hiding in the building because of fierce battles between terrorists and the Iraqi army in this area. Already there are data (yet not officially confirmed) that the attack on the school was carried out during the operation against the militants.

Original:  Удар по жилому дому в Мосуле: американцы приняли мирных жителей за боевиков

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