In Khabarovsk, the Order of the Patriotic War of 521 cars

The Order of the Patriotic War and the figure “9” were made up of 521 cars Khabarovsk motorists in honor of Victory Day, told RIA Novosti on Monday one of the organizers of the action.

“Flashmob took place on Sunday evening at the site of the Erofei-Arena in Khabarovsk, where 521 cars took part in the action.The cars lined up in the form of the Order of the Patriotic War with ten beams, a sickle and a hammer inside, and nine figures in honor of the Victory Day on May 9,” – said the organizer.

According to him, the construction took about four hours. After all the cars took their places, they turned on the lights and emergency lights. It is not excluded that this action will be included in the Russian Book of Records.

The Order of the Great Patriotic War – the first Soviet award of the Great Patriotic War. Approved in May 1942 and had two degrees. The Statute presupposes the awarding of servicemen of all combat arms, including fighters and commanders of partisan detachments. Rewarding is performed for courage, fortitude and courage, and also a special role in the success of combat operations.

Original: В Хабаровске составили Орден Отечественной войны из 521 автомобиля

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