Putin urged countries to abandon bellicose rhetoric

The world should abandon the bellicose rhetoric, the logic of the old approaches can not solve any problem, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the opening of the forum “One Belt – One Way.”

“We will not forget about the threats posed by regional conflicts, the zones of an old contradiction, they persist in so many places in Eurasia.In order to unleash these knots, we must first abandon the militant rhetoric, mutual accusations and reproaches that only aggravate the situation” , – Putin said.

“In general, the logic of the old approaches can not solve any of the current problems, we need fresh ideas that are free of stereotypes,” he added.

Putin is convinced that Eurasia is able to work out and propose a substantive agenda that includes issues of ensuring security, developing relations between states, organizing the economy, social sphere, the management system, and searching for new drivers of growth.

Original: Путин призвал страны отказаться от воинственной риторики

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