16 fighters of special troops against 300 militants-terrorists: details of the battle in the Syrian desert

The commander of the detachment of the Special Operations Forces of the Russian Federation, who returned from Syria, where he corrected artillery and aviation fire on the positions of terrorists and repulsed five attacks of militants, described the balance of forces in combat.

 Answering the question journalist of the TV channel “Zvezda” about that, against how many militants had to combat in Syria, the commander of special troops informed that militants were about 300 people.

 “Without losses, we came out thanks to good position. And yet we have a good advantage in armament, including thermal imaging sights. All this contributed to our success”, he said.

 The commander of the detachment also noted the courage of servicemen who clearly fulfilled the tasks assigned to them.

 “It was only thanks to these factors that we managed to get out of the battle without losses”, he concluded.

The special operations forces of the Russian Ministry of Defense are top-level special forces among all the army special units. Their tasks include mainly diversionary-intelligence operations. They are surgeons of modern war, operating in all directions at once.

Original:  16 спецназовцев против 300 боевиков: подробности боя в сирийской пустыне

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