On the Kolyma, due to the destruction of the road to the port of Magadan, an emergency situation was introduced

Governor of Magadan region Vladimir Pechenyi on Thursday introduced the regime of emergencies in the region because of the destruction of the only road leading to the Sea Trade Port of Magadan, according to the Mayor’s Office of the capital Kolyma.

Magadan Sea Commercial Port – the main gate of Kolyma, through which most of the cargo is delivered to the region. Food, medicines, machinery and fuel are mostly carried by the sea.

“The introduction of the emergency regime is associated with the destruction of the road on the way to the Sea Trade Port, for the liquidation of which a complex of measures will be undertaken to organize emergency restoration works, work is organized to ensure safe passage through the Portovoye Shosse to the Sea Commercial Port and other events, The report said.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in the Magadan region has an operational headquarters, the situation on the scene is estimated by the operational group, the official website of the EMERCOM of Russia for the region.

“The road section is located on the shore of the Nagaev Bay of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the threat of destruction of the roadway is caused by the tides of the slope of the hill, tidal waves and precipitation, and the necessary forces and means are brought in line with the plans for the elimination of emergencies in the Magadan Region,” the ministry said.

Original: На Колыме из-за разрушения дороги в магаданский порт ввели режим ЧС

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