Russian Military Space Forces liquidated two field commanders of “Islamic State”* in Syria

The Russian Defense Ministry reported on preventing the breakthrough by militants of the terrorist group “Islamic State”* lines of defense of the besieged garrison in the city of Deir ez Zor.

As explained in the military department, in early June, the Russian military with the help of unmanned aircraft found that the militants are preparing to break through the defensive lines of the Syrian garrison.

VKS on June 6 and 8 caused pre-emptive air strikes against the positions of terrorists. As a result, the field commanders of Abu Umar al-Belzhiki and Abu Yasin al-Masri were liquidated.

In addition, about 180 militants, 16 vehicles and armored vehicles, one artillery gun, four control posts, weapons and ammunition depots were destroyed, added to the defense department.

The terrorists of the “Islamic State”* have been holding the Deir ez Zor in a siege for more than three years. In addition to the garrison of government forces, civilians remain in the city. The only way to supply is through the air. The Russian Military Space Forces support the Syrian troops, who are trying to lift the blockade, as well as providing humanitarian assistance to the population.

* Terrorist organization banned in Russia.

Original: Российские ВКС ликвидировали в Сирии двух полевых командиров ИГ*

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