In Russia, there was an acute shortage of video cards

The reason is the growing popularity of the “extraction” of the crypto currency. In Russia, there was an acute shortage of video cards for personal computers (PCs). In Moscow, they almost disappeared from the sale. About this “Vedomosti” told employees of several computer stores. Recently, buyers often take just 200-300 and even 600 of these accessories, they argue. According to the interlocutors of Vedomosti, because of the rush demand for about the last six months, video cards have risen in price by an average of twice: for example, a device that cost in spring 16,000-18,000 rubles ($ 267,59 – 301,04) now costs more than 30,000 ($ 501,73). In one of the outlets to a correspondent of ” Vedomosti “promised that they will bring the video card to order in a week, in another – in 10 days.

Over the past 1.5 to 2 months, video card shipments have tripled, said IT-distributor Treolan. Demand in the market exceeds the supply, he says.

According to the information technology department of Moscow, in the first quarter of 2017, on average, video cards in Moscow stores cost 9300 rubles ($ 155.54)., And compared to the fourth quarter of 2016, they fell by 6%. According to Yandex.Market, in January 2017 the video card in Russia on average cost 13,997 rubles, and in May – 17,040 rubles ($ 291.01).

The agitated demand of Vedomosti’s interlocutors is associated with the increase in users of PCs emitting (crypting) on ​​their computers crypto-currencies. Mining is a set of mathematical calculations, which, due to its architecture, are best handled by video card processors: for other processors, this is a non-standard calculation, explains a member of one of the Russian banks.

The employee of the store that sells video cards and the bank employee explain the sharp increase in the number of miners by sharp jumps in the rates of crypto-currency in recent months. Since the end of March 2017, the rate of bitcoin to the dollar has increased by 200% (from approximately $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 on June 12), Etherium has risen in price from the beginning of March to June 13 by 24 times. This has resulted in a massive interest in crypto-currencies – the cannibal has become so simple that at least to try to do it more and more people are being solved, says the bank’s employee. According to his calculations, now in Russia there are already tens of thousands of miners – since early 2017 their base has grown 5-7 times.

According to the bank’s employee, theoretically for 30-45 days a home computer can generate 1 bitcoin ($ 2484 on Friday). But in practice, the bitcoins are becoming more and more expensive, so the miners are now trying to emit more “light” and cheap crypto-currencies, such as, for example, Etherium (more than $ 350) and Lightcoin (just over $ 52). The Crypto currency is arranged in such a way that the extraction of each of its next units requires more computing power, and the revenues from this now hardly cover the costs of ordinary PC users for equipment and electricity, Vedomosti interlocutor explains. Therefore, miners pool into pools, which include video cards that are physically located where there is cheap electricity, he argues.

The first bell for the overheated market was the crypto-currency exchange rate drop of $ 400.

To earn on the mining, the owner of the PC must join the pool of other miners, notes internet ombudsman and co-owner of business for the production of servers for mining Dmitry Marinichev. The computer, which allows efficient mining, will cost the user 120,000-140,000 rubles. ($ 2 006.93 – 2 341.42) – these investments can pay off in about 12-14 months, he believes. The payback depends on the cost of electricity, the complexity of the network and the course of the crypto currency, Marinichev explains. According to his calculations, now the share of Russia in the mining capacities is not less than 5-7%.

The Etherium rate has grown 20 times since early 2017 and made mining profitable for everyone involved in the process, no matter what computing power it has, according to Timofey Ra, the owner of a specialized data center (a mining farm). With the current rise in the price of Etherium, the miners (blocks from several video cards) pay off in about two months, he says. According to him, each such block worth $ 2500-3000 can generate a $ 40-50 crypto currency daily. Last year, the payback period was six to nine months, Ra says.

Original: В России возник острый дефицит видеокарт

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