No drinking, no fighting. British fans in shock from Russia

Better to see once than hear a hundred times. This was fully confirmed in the case of the Confederations Cup. How much the British media did not frighten their fans about the “terrible” Russians, in reality everything turned out the opposite.

Contrary to the expectations of football fans who came to the Confederations Cup, Russia was waiting for a warm welcome, the British newspaper The Guardian wrote. The surprising tone of the article is understandable, because the same newspaper itself has long and diligently warmed the expectations that Russian fans will tear the guests into pieces as soon as they step onto our land.

Just recently, the publication warned that in Russia everything is entirely racist. This conclusion was made after the Sochi carnival on the eve of the Confederations Cup match: you see, the Cameroonian was represented by a man with dark hands and a face, and also with a drum.

Other British media are also involved in a kind of competition with The Guardian: the film will show the “Army of Russian hooligans”, then some sports camp will be given out as a base for training combat fans. And the fistfights, which had fun at Maslenitsa, were given for preparing an attack on the guests from Britain.

After reading all this, frightened European fans, going on the road, probably, took leave of their families, just in case forever. And they were very surprised when they arrived in Russia. Then you and free travel between the cities where the tournament matches: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan; And a system for identifying fans, and everyone is smiling and helping. In general, the opposite is true.

But were you preparing for nothing? Since the Russians do not attack, you need to take the initiative, some British subjects decided to go to the stadium in Kazan with a dozen fire-fighters.

They themselves called themselves employees of the media company Bigballs Media and said that they checked the security services of the stadium. But in the end they turned out to be impostors. Pyrotechnics were confiscated from the detainees, they themselves were scolded and released in peace. So this time the British newspaper will have nothing to write about: the conflict was avoided. In addition, the more people see the situation with their own eyes, the less effect will have “horror stories” in the media.

Here the Portuguese, for example, watch the BBC, and European newspapers read, but Russian hooligans are not afraid. They say that before and after the match in Moscow, only Portuguese hooligans were seen. And in general, they felt safe.
So maybe the British will tell their own that there is nothing to be afraid of, and you can go to the World Cup next year quite calmly.
Author Maria Balyabina, radio Sputnik.

Original: Ни выпить, ни подраться. Британские болельщики в шоке от России

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