Moscow has passed the third night bicycle parade

Participants traveled 14 kilometers through the center of the capital. Before the start – something like a defile. Someone’s got an unusual bike, but someone dressed up like a carnival. And every second with music, it’s just a holiday of some kind!

“It remains from the wedding, decided to prepare – fully dressed in bright lights today to light,” – comments on her outfit bicycle participant Elena Filin.

To jokes about snowdrifts they are already accustomed to, the Russian climate is taken for granted and ready to go almost all the year round.

“Winter bike parade remember how many people were, more than now. Now everyone has already left on vacations!” – notes the participant Maria Korshunova.

“I use in everyday life – I go to work, from work. Here if by car two hours I go home, by bike – 40 minutes are”, –  says the participant of the parade Konstantin Bogaev.

Year after year they conquer the urban space. Right to living in big city have to prove to cyclists. And positive change is visible especially from behind the wheel of a Bicycle.

“If five years ago there was no way at all – huge curbs, every time dismounted, now it is improving” says cyclist Evgeny Sharovatov.

Organizers expected that the third night biker would be a record number of participants, but many at the last moment stayed at home.

“We expected about 20 thousand, but, of course, the weather made its own corrections, and not even the weather, but the forecast, today many were afraid that there will be an apocalypse, in fact, the weather is pleasant enough,” said the organizer of the bike parade Vladimir Kumov.

Today it was raining since the morning, the weather seemed to check the determination of the cyclists to start, but the rain did not stop, and the cyclists came and started.

The column stretched for a couple of kilometers, and thousands of cyclists continually created congestion – they had to slow down. Nevertheless, falling was few -, at least, nobody applied for medical aid.  Everyone rode at their own pace, most of them pedaled slowly, admiring the night Moscow.

14 kilometers flew very quickly, although, of course, this bike ride is not about speed – a very beautiful city, unusual foreshortenings and all have a good mood.

“That’s a kilometer would be 80-100 – then yes, this I tell you as an invalid, I ride on paralyzed legs”.

Wherever a bicycle will travel, it will be convenient for disabled wheelchair users. Evgeny Andreev and Alesya Gusarova told about this. They rode on special bicycles and also safely reached the finish line.

“Excuse me, let me pass, a million apologies, Alesya screamed” I’m from below, I’m from below! “- laughs bicycle participant Evgeni Andreev.

“In fact, people do not pay attention, that from below, maybe something is also going; It’s terrible to maneuver somehow in this stream, because someone wants to fall on you, someone wants to crush you, “added cyclist Alesia Gusarova.

Talk about who needs these bike paths, bike parking and other bike-comforts, still can not be avoided. And so: these people went out today to start to answer all the skeptics: we need this and us are really many.


Original: В Москве прошел уже третий по счету ночной велопарад

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