The Kaliningrad launches solar court competitions

The majority of participants in the competition are students at technical universities

Competitions of vessels on solar batteries “Sunny Regatta”, in which 14 teams from Russia and European countries will take part, start on Saturday in Kaliningrad on the Upper Lake. According to TASS, the organizers of the event indicated that each team would speak on a unique vessel built specifically for these competitions.

“All vessels are unique: “The boats and yachts that can be purchased on an open sale are taken as a basis, but each team then develops them according to its needs and budget,” said interlocutor agency.

She added that most of the participants in the competition are students at technical universities. “But the two teams are based on a different principle. One of them is a team from the Cadet Corps from Moscow. Schoolchildren, in fact, but they themselves have assembled a vessel to participate in the regattas. “The second team, the students of the children’s home, who also prepared themselves for the competitions,” noted the representative of the organizers.

On Sunday, 23 July, a forum on “Innovation, renewable energy and environmental Prospects” will be held at the Kaliningrad State Technical University, in which scientists and representatives of the design bureau from Russia and foreign countries would discuss the problems of using solar and other renewable sources of energy.

“Solar Regatta” is the first engineering competition in Russia in which participants ‘ teams develop, build and demonstrate the capabilities of their solar-powered courts.


Original:В Калининграде стартуют соревнования судов на солнечных батареях

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