114 Russian skydivers set new world record

From sky to Earth in freefall and with world record –  Russian team skydivers carried out a unique jump, breaking the previous achievement of German and American athletes.

Last chance, other attempts ended. Team rises to the sky, the trainer freezes on knees in prayer. In the Moscow sky, the figure reveals itself as a huge flower-114 people in a free fall build three more patterns per minute, intercept their hands and paint the sky in bright parachutes like a salute. This is a new world record!

“How many times have we jumped, how many things we experienced, how many difficulties are!  And now we saw that there was no one downstairs, all clearly saw the team regrouped” – said the participant of “Russian Record” Mary Samuseva.

Top-class professionals from different cities of Russia. They are quite ordinary profession. Here Valery Gerasimov, programmer. In his family trust and understanding complete – parachute puts only his wife Elena.

“Corns rubbed, the nail broke, it’s all the price of records! I did all that I could. Personal record – 70 times packed the parachute for a week!” – spouses speak.

Air construction was difficult-the Russian team worked for world Leadership for a week. Like a swarm of birds, the most experienced parachutists in the middle of the drawing, but even they couldn’t withstand the overload.

“22 jump is a lot. Jumping with oxygen, they always leave behind the load. “I mean, every day there’s more and more fatigue” says the member of Russia’s record Sergei Pachkolin.

At a speed of 200 kilometers per hour in a free fall, in a complex mosaic. At this altitude the parachutists rocked heavily.

To have a spectacular flight, we have to crawl first, to work every move on Earth. On the mistake will be neither the time nor right.  The gap jump for a second turns into a forty-metre gap between the parachutists. Hesitated one – and all will be in vain.

The parachutist doesn’t reach the neighbor, it immediately breaks the whole sector-the red petal flower. The failure is analysed in the staff – the weak links down immediately from the skies to land.

“We repeated him three times, that record. And on two jumps, we had little mistakes, that is, not one moment of capture and dissolution. These judges, of course, look. And I on the last jump convinced the guys to do it cleanly, so that we had no complaints” – says Alexander Beloglazov, the Honorable coach of Russia on parachute sport.

Four kids meet Daddy from the sky. At first it was scary to watch, and now they can’t stand on the ground.

“Just jumped. Come to himself. Just 15 minutes ago landed. After looking at me, he said: “I also do that”, and I’m a paternal happy!” said party “Record Russia” Vasil Abrashki.

The previous record was held by the Americans and the Germans, but that’s only because our paratroopers of the helicopter was not. Today at their disposal the world’s largest transport helicopter  Mi-26. The armed forces helped. But the athletes so much that even in this cramped. Next year, the Russian team plans to build a shape with a diameter of one hundred meters. To set a new world record would be 222 parachutist, and thus will need three such helicopters.

Original: 114 российских парашютистов установили новый мировой рекорд

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