The Russian Government is discussing the possibility of depriving Moscow of the Russian capital status

A project for the transfer of the capital from Moscow to the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

Also, the official commented on the possibility to organize debates on this issue with Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin. “Under his post among others discussing I invited him to the debate, because I appreciated the wit and the irony. But the problem is so serious that I offered to discuss it outside of social networking. I don’t think you need some official invitation,” he explained.

Earlier Krupnov suggested the Moscow mayor to hold a discussion on the topic of moving the capital. “I’m sure Sergei Semenovich will agree, and there’ll be a debate in the day!” he wrote on his page on the social network “VKontakte” in response to Sobyanin saying that moving the capital was a “genius” idea.

August 19 became known that the Krupnov sent to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “Doctrine of Razmoskvichivanija”, which contained a proposal to move the capital beyond the Urals. According to the official, Russia “hypercentralisation”: the Moscow region incorporates almost a fifth of the total Russian population and national development focuses only on 15 − 25 Russian cities, where more than 50 percent of Russians. For the more effective development of the country he advises to move away from the economy, centered in Moscow, to the development of the whole country, especially in the far East and Siberia.

Original: Проект переноса столицы за Урал передали в Минэкономразвития

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