In Chita, the man rode the asphalt on the sleigh, bound to the car: video

The intruder set up a “sparkling” race to sleigh behind the car on Lenin Street in Chita.

A video recording of an unusual arrival was placed in the networking “VKontakte” in the community “region-75. Chita“. The footage shows that the man who tied the sled to the car, rolls down the roadway. Moreover, under the skids due to lack of snow flying sparks.

It is reported that in sledding took place near a cinema “Udokan”. It was attended by two car. The sledge was tied to one, but from the second the shooting was conducted.  Now in Chita studying the video to determine the identity of the perpetrators.

Original:  В Чите мужчина прокатился по асфальту на санях, привязанных к авто: видео

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