Unique Russian development will help avoid dangerous complications from the operations on the heart

Unique development of Russian scientists and unique operation which was carried out for the first time in the world. The new technology will save the lives of people with heart disease. And this development has already called revolution in cardiac surgery!

The stone is on 80-year-old man’s heart, and it is not a metaphor:  the aortic valve is covered with calcium. The opening between the left ventricle and aorta is sharply narrowed. Therefore, all load lies down on the heart muscle.

In this case, the patient can be saved only by replacing worn-out valve with an artificial one. Such operations annually carry out dozens, but today Leo Bokeria sets the prosthesis analogues which does not exist in the world.

A unique Russian development. A new prosthesis mimics the shape of a heart valve. It is like a flower dissolves its petals in the heart. And blood is received freely from a left  ventricle in the aorta, thanks to such a construction, significantly  the risk of the development of the complications reduces and most  dangerous – formations of a blood clot.

This is the main disadvantage of the previous generation of prosthesis. Red blood cells are broken down on the shutter valve, stick to each other — and formed a blood clot. It can completely block the heart and people will die. Before after such an operation people had for term of life to take diluent blood medications.  New technology solves this problem. Such valves will become a real rescue for the young patients with a congenital heart disease.

“Mechanical valve will not lead to the  hypertrophy of the myocardium at this child that is the heart will work  practically under the normal conditions to that age, until it starts to  outgrow its, as they say, maximum” – says Director National medical research center of the cardiovascular surgery of the name A. N. Bakuleva Leo Bokeria.

Only an hour was needed for surgeons to remove the petrified valve and put the mechanical one. Stopped heart quickly brought back to life. And, it seems, the result satisfied all operational brigade.

To the introduction of such  technology the team of academician Bokeria went not one decade, and our doctors are sure today:  the new valve is a revolution in cardiac surgery. Invention help save tens of thousands of lives not only in Russia but also in other countries where such technology is not yet available.

Original:  Уникальная российская разработка поможет избежать опасных осложнений при операциях на сердце

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