All units and formations of the Russian armed forces launched large-scale exercises

In the Russian army with the beginning of winter in all associations, connections and military units of the Armed forces started exercises. The flagship of the Northern fleet heavy nuclear missile cruiser “Peter the Great” underwent training with the crew. The navigators studied the theory of navigation. Artillerymen worked off serve of the shells to the installation which can produce to the 90 shots in a minute.

In the Baltic fleet, the crew of the small missile ship “Serpukhov” repelled simulated enemy air strikes, which were Su-24 bombers. In the Central military district held a test of the so-called “psychological lane”. This is a big set of barriers of concrete, wood and metal fences, destroyed buildings, courts for practicing martial arts.

Original:  Во всех частях и соединениях Вооруженных сил России стартовали масштабные учения

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