The exhibition of children’s drawings opened in Aleppo “War through children’s eyes”

“War through children’s eyes” – exhibition under this title was opened in Aleppo, Syria. It was organized by our Center for conciliation of the parties, together with the city administration. On the bright drawings that young artists had a chance to see during the fierce fighting: wounded soldiers, doctors and hospitals, destroyed homes… Only on some pictures you can see the signs of peaceful life: Sun, doves and a Russian flag as a reminder of who helped get rid of militias and release of Aleppo. Psychologists who are involved in the rehabilitation of children, saying that such a splash of emotions they only benefit.

“on my picture Adults are sad.  I saw how they scared when their homes destroyed by terrorists. And over there – our wounded soldiers.  This is my school, but we can’t go there, “ISIS” forbade.  And here falling bombs and people being taken to hospital,” says the little Hyatt.

“We don’t need war! War is bad and scary. We want peace, we don’t want to fight, we want to learn and then to be doctors, scientists, engineers,” says the author of the picture Muhammal Said.

Original:  В Алеппо открылась выставка детских рисунков «Война глазами детей»

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