Between Crimea and Ukraine will be erected two-meters the fence

Russian FSB border management in the Republic of Crimea and LLC “Industrial Assembly” start Center-7 “(Zarechny, Penza oblast) entered into a contract for the creation of almost 50 km long fence on the border of the Crimean peninsula to Ukraine.

According to “Interfax”, it said on the website of public procurement.

Services of the Penza company, which by the results of the electronic auction has bypassed competitors-“Rosstroy 64” from Saratov and “Strojspecproekt” from Krasnodar-will cost federal treasury in almost 204 million rubles.

The work will be conducted in Krasnoperekopskiy district in the North of the Peninsula.

In the specifications says that the erected fence must be easily mounted and, at the same time hinder attempts to climb over it. Length engineered barriers will be 49.5 miles, height above the ground is 2.1 meter, depth in the soil is 0.3 meter. The works must be completed before May 25, 2018.

Original: Между Крымом и Украиной возведут двухметровый забор

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