Satanovsky: The United States has no and will never again have allies…

Political analyst Evgeny Satanovski on the TV channel “Russia 1” commented on a new national security doctrine of the United States, in which Russia and China identified as the major threats.

Washington makes a fatal mistakes that can turn against him, says the expert. …

He noted that the United States fell into the same trap that Russia during the war in Afghanistan. Actually Washington itself is “creating” a Russian-Chinese block and declaring the war, at least, on two fronts.

The United States behaves like an “aggressive boy”, “who shouts that he’s steeper than anyone”. As a result it will lead to the fact that all of the countries to unite against the USA.

Satanovskiy believes that the Americans now don’t have allies and henceforth they will never be – only “temporary fellow travelers”.

Someone like the Europeans, this “guy” just don’t like someone, such as Iran and North Korea, “chewed off his flanks”. Others, meanwhile, watch with interest and waiting for him to “fall face in the dirt”. Among them Satanovsky called Russia and China….

Original:  Сатановский: у США нет и никогда больше не будет союзников…

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