Ukrainian radicals marched through the streets of Kiev on the birthday of OUN leader Stepan Bandera

In Kiev passed torchlight procession of nationalists, more similar to the fascist march. Thus they celebrated the anniversary of the birth of Stepan Bandera. Similar actions took place in Lviv, Ternopil, Dnepr, Krivoy Rog and other cities. In total, they were attended by over six thousand people. They chanted their traditional slogans in the spirit of “Ukraine above all” and carried flags, including the “Right Sector” banned in Russia.

Stepan Bandera was the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. Militants from the Ukrainian rebel army arranged mass ethnic cleansing during the Second World War. According to some estimates, they killed a million people, including 200 thousand Poles during the Volyn massacre, and approximately 30 thousand Jews.

Original:  Украинские радикалы прошли по улицам Киева в день рождения лидера ОУН Степана Бандеры

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