The Russian military killed the militants fired at the air-base Khmeimim

Also destroyed the warehouse where the extremists collected and stored shock drones

The Russian military destroyed a diversionary group of the militants who fired at the air-base Khmeimim in Syria from the mortars December 31.  This was reported on Friday in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.   According to the Ministry, was carried the special operation on its search and destroy. A group of Russian special operations forces established a team location near the western border of Idlib province.

“When the terrorists arrived at the scene they were all destroyed,” the Ministry said.

The Department clarified that all the forces and means of the multilevel system of Russian military intelligence in Syria were involved in the operation. The base of the militants was organized continuous surveillance by drones and appointed high-precision means of defeat.

“Russian military intelligence in Idlib province opened the place final assembly and storage of shock unmanned vehicles aircraft type. The blow of the precision artillery ammunition of “Krasnopol'” the storage of the drones is destroyed “, – added in a military department. 

Attacks on Russian objects in Syria

December 31, subversive group of militants fired mortars avibase Khmeimim, killing two servicemen of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation.

On January 6, the militants used unmanned aerial vehicles for the first time in an attack on airbase Khmeimim and a fleet maintenance point in Tartus. The attack was successfully repulsed.

Seven drones were destroyed. Above six drones succeeded to get control using means of radio electronic combating.

The drones were launched from an area in the province of Idlib, controlled by armed groups of the so-called moderate opposition.

Original:  Российские военные уничтожили боевиков, обстрелявших авиабазу Хмеймим

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