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A marine air intelligence agent of the USA spied near Crimea

Patrol anti-submarine aircraft of the US Navy P-8A Poseidon tail number 168432 made a reconnaissance near Sevastopol.

According to “Interfax”, about it the website for tracking the movements of aircraft CivMilAir informed the public on his Twitter page.

According to him, the American plane first hover near Novorossiysk in Krasnodar region, and then, flying along the southern coast of the Crimea, hover near Sevastopol.

In both cities, are based warships of the Russian black sea fleet.

Since the beginning of the year 2018 this is the fourth visit by the uninvited guests from the United States near the peninsula, where 13 January put on alert for the air defense division of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 “Triumph”.

Original:  Морской авиаразведчик США шпионил около Крыма


United States put Syrian Kurds MANPADS within the secret agreement

Kurdish paramilitary units fighting in Syria with the terrorist organization “Islamic State”, received from the U.S. party of portable anti-aircraft missile complexes (MANPADS), said on Monday the Inter-Arab edition of “Al-Masdar”.

According to him, the United States in the framework of the “secret agreement” put the complexes for Kurdish squads in the municipality of Afrin, where the Syrian Kurds live.

It is noted that the supply of weapons to Kurdish fighters took place last week.

Original:  США поставили сирийским курдам ПЗРК в рамках секретного соглашения

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