Two of the world’s largest nuclear submarines will be destroyed

“Arkhangelsk” and “Severstal”, the two largest nuclear submarines in the world, will be recycled “Rosatom”. This will happen after 2020.

Both submarines of project 941 (the code “Shark”) is currently withdrawn from combat composition of the Navy of Russia, as their operation is considered unprofitable, RIA Novosti reports. In 1996 and 1997 three submarines of this series were decommissioned due to lack of funds.

Today in the service of the Navy remains the only nuclear submarine of project 941У – “Dmitry Donskoy”,went through more than ten years repair on “Sevmashe”.  On the modernized and refitted the submarine previously tested a ballistic missile “Bulava”. This submarine – the lead ship of the series, founded in 1976 and accepted in fighting structure of Northern fleet Russia in 1981.

In this series there were six submarines. Total displacement of submarines of project 941 is 49,8 thousand tons, length — 172 metres, width — 23.3 meters.

Original:  Две самые большие в мире атомные субмарины будут уничтожены

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