Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: The United States fight for the economic assets of Syria, but not against terrorism

The United States does not want to fight terrorism in Syria. All they need is to take control of and hold onto the economic assets of the Arab Republic. Thus, the Russian Ministry of Defense commented on the bombardment of a detachment of the Syrian army by the aviation and artillery of the international coalition.

The military department told that on February 7, government troops, without warning their Russian counterparts, sent a militia unit to the area of the El Isba oil refinery in the province of Deir ez Zor. From there, terrorists routinely bombard the positions of the Syrian army.

However, the militiamen were not able to destroy the terrorists. Since they themselves fell under the strongest fire of rocket artillery, mortars and even US strike helicopters. 25 soldiers were injured.

Immediately after the incident, the Russian military held talks with representatives of the international coalition under US leadership. And they said that there are no terrorists at the oil refinery. There are units of the “Forces of Democratic Syria” and US servicemen.

Original: Минобороны РФ:  Соединенные Штаты сражаются за экономические активы Сирии, а не против терроризма

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